Regenerum nail repair


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Data sheet

Brand Regenerum
Origin Poland
Heat sensitive No
Shipping from USA
Expiration date 03.2022

More info

Regenerum is a regenerating nail serum in varnish. The cosmetic contains a carefully developed formula that regenerates even very damaged and weakened nails. The serum creates a protective coating with a beautiful shine on the nails. It strengthens and seals the plate and prevents cracking and splitting. The vitamin complex contained in the cosmetic moisturizes and tones the nails. Minerals and natural proteins reduce their brittleness, increase resistance to damage and stimulate their growth. In addition, the ingredients of the serum have an antioxidant effect, supporting the activity of vitamins responsible for strengthening and smooth structure of the nails.

Usage method

Apply one layer of the product after cleaning the nail plate and let it dry.
It can be used periodically or throughout the year.