NUK Disney Mickey Mouse Set


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Brand Nuk
Origin Germany
Heat sensitive No
Shipping from USA
Expiration date N/A

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For a perfect start - ideal for any baby Household

- Bottle Box for up to six NUK FIRST CHOICE bottles

- Includes four NUK Disney Mickey FIRST CHOICE + wide mouth bottles (2x 150 ml with silicone teat Gr.1 M for milk, 2x 300 ml with silicone teat Gr.1 S for tea) of polypropylene (PP) BPA free

- Lovingly designed motifs with Mickey and Minnie

NUK Disney Mickey First Choice + Starter Kit - initial supply for high performance. Bisphenol-A (BPA) free
The NUK bottle box is suitable for up to six NUK FIRST CHOICE Wide-mouth bottles or conventional baby bottles. Ideal as Abtropfhilfe after cleaning, for organization and storage. The NUK bottle box in the trend color white is made from high quality, robust material.

The most natural teat for your baby
NUK FIRST CHOICE is the first choice for a bottle feeding along the lines of breastfeeding for many years. With NUK FIRST CHOICE + has succeeded even closer to nature - for a healthy jaw development and a drinking experience like at the breast.