Meridol Sure Breath Mouthwash


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Brand Gaba
Origin Germany
Heat sensitive No
Shipping from USA
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Most of the bacteria that cause bad breath (halitosis) are not on the teeth, but on the tongue. Bad breath can therefore occur despite regular teeth brushing.

meridol SECURE BREATH effectively protects against bad breath bacteria on the tongue and in the entire mouth area and thus ensures fresh breath. The effect starts immediately after the first application - for a long-lasting fresh mouthfeel.

Protects against:

Bad breath causing bacteria
The 2-fold active formula + zinc combats the causes of bad breath with a 3-fold mechanism of action:

removes bad breath-causing bacteria, which are mainly found on teeth and tongue
immediately neutralizes unpleasant smells
prevents bad breath from developing
Daily use maintains the natural balance of the oral flora.


400 ml

Made in Germany