Lenor laundry scent GOLDEN ORCHID



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Data sheet

Brand Henkel
Origin Germany
Heat sensitive No
Shipping from USA
Expiration date N/A

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Scented pearls
Intense fresh scent
Scent with vanilla, mimosa, rose accents and peach
Can be dosed according to the desired scent experience
Thanks to the Lenor Golden Orchid, the laundry is enveloped in a stunning scent of delicious vanilla, mimosa, honey-sweet rose accents and creamy peach. It provides an intense fresh scent for up to twelve weeks.

Discover the Lenor laundry perfume for a non-stop kick of freshness on your laundry. Lenor gives your clothes in the closet a fresh scent for up to 12 weeks. Simply add directly to the drum with each wash and dose according to the desired scent intensity. The elegant Golden Orchid scent exudes a seductive hint of vanilla mixed with honey-sweet rose accents and creamy peach for a pleasant, sensual experience. Use Lenor laundry perfume together with the matching Lenor detergent and Lenor fabric softener for radiant cleanliness, softness and freshness. The Lenor laundry perfume is available in a moisture-resistant cardboard box that can be recycled with waste paper after use.

Non-stop freshness for laundry (up to 12 weeks in the closet)
Add to every wash for a non-stop freshness kick
Use as much or as little as you want depending on the fragrance experience you want
Suitable for all textiles, even wool, silk and sportswear

Use the cap to dose and put the fragrance beads directly into the drum. Do not put them in the fabric softener compartment or the dryer.
Recommended dosage = 13.5 g Add more if you love fragrance.
Up to two caps per wash for the ultimate freshness experience. Do not put the cap in the drum. Close the cap after use and keep out of reach of children. USE THE CAP AS A DOSING AID