Elmex Gel 25g


Sufficient for 40 brushings


Use once weekly

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Brand Gaba
Origin Poland
Heat sensitive No
Shipping from USA
Expiration date 11.2024

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Elmex gel 12.5 mg with amino fluorides is a pharmaceutical product used:
prophylactically for intensive caries prophylaxis, especially in children, adolescents and people with orthodontic appliances, bridges or partial dentures, who are particularly at risk of caries;
therapeutically for the remineralization of early carious lesions, as well as for the treatment of hypersensitivity of the tooth necks.
Gel for use on teeth prophylactically and therapeutically, suitable for children and adults.
Intensive caries prevention as well as remineralization and strengthening of tooth enamel, treatment of tooth neck hypersensitivity.
Elmex gel 12.5 mg fluorine/g, 25 g - composition

1 g of Elmex gel contains:

• 12.5 mg fluoride from: 30.32 mg Olaflur amine fluoride, 2.87 mg Dectaflur amine fluoride, 22.1 mg sodium fluoride (Natrii fluoridum),
• excipients: purified water, propylene glycol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, saccharin, apple flavor, menthone flavor, peppermint flavor, spearmint oil, banana flavor.

Elmex gel dosage

In caries prophylaxis and treatment of early carious lesions:
Use Elmex once a week, preferably in the evening before bedtime.
Apply 1 cm of gel (approximately 0.5 g, equivalent to 6.25 mg fluoride) on the toothbrush, brush for 2-3 minutes, then spit out. Rinse your mouth.
25 g of Elmex gel is enough for about 40 brushings.
Children aged 6-8 years should use Elmex gel only under adult supervision.
Elmex gel should not be used until the ability to spit up is mastered (in pre-school children, under 6 years of age).

In the treatment of cervical hypersensitivity:
Apply Elmex gently with your finger or a soft brush to the affected areas.
In the case of an increased risk of caries and in the treatment of cervical hypersensitivity, the frequency of using Elmex gel can be increased. This applies in particular to the use of the preparation in people wearing orthodontic appliances.