Elmex Anti-Cavity Mouthwash


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Brand Gaba
Origin Germany
Heat sensitive No
Shipping from USA
Expiration date N/A

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For daily oral hygiene to
• prevent development and progression of caries
• protect dental enamel
• stimulate remineralisation of dental enamel
• reduce the solubility of dental enamel
• provide effective protection in those areas hard to reach

Product benefits:

Due to its surface activity and the slightly acidic pH, amine fluoride promotes the formation of well-adhering calcium fluoride globules. These calcium fluoride globules act as a fluoride deposit which protects the tooth against acid attack and stimulates remineralisation.

Amine fluoride therefore provides sound protection from dental caries, which is clinically proven.

elmex® CARIES PROTECTION dental rinse effectively protects against caries and inhibits the production of bacterial acids which can damage teeth.

elmex® CARIES PROTECTION dental rinse augments the anticariogenic effects of elmex® CARIES PROTECTION toothpaste and replenishes the fluoride depots. If used after toothbrushing or in between, elmex® CARIES PROTECTION dental rinse prolongs the availability of fluoride.

elmex® CARIES PROTECTION dental rinse helps to protect teeth in areas which are difficult to reach or cannot be reached for example on approximal toothsurfaces or in patients wearing orthodontic appliances and patients with bridges and partial prostheses.