Dr.Beckmann Stain Devil:Ink,Beer,Cognac,Stamp ink


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Data sheet

Brand Delta Pronatura
Origin Germany
Heat sensitive No
Shipping from USA
Expiration date N/A

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This Stain Devil of Dr.Beckmann removes stains from a pen, beer, cognac, liqueur, stamp ink and much more made for washable and non-washable fabrics. It is not suitable for carpets and leather.


With 1-2-3 Stain-away application

5-15% non-ionic surfactants; <5% anionic surfactants.


1-2-3 Instructions:

1. Place the saucer with white absorbent cloth under the stain and soak.
2. Allow 10-15 minutes to act, while dabbing stain with a dry cloth (always from outside to inside)
3. Then completely rub dry on fresh absorbent pad with a damp cloth.
For washable fabrics stain can be rinsed under the tap. If necessary, Leave liquid on for longer or repeat the process.

Important: perform stain removal before washing. Check preliminary color and resistance on a concealed tissue site. Note care symbols of textiles on the tag.