Cicatridina vaginal globules 10ct.


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Origin Poland
Heat sensitive No
Shipping from USA
Expiration date 02.2025

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Cicatridina accelerates the scarring of vaginal wounds; restores the natural healing process; restores the vaginal mucosa in the processes of atrophy and dystrophy; it soothes symptoms such as: the feeling of tension and dryness of the vagina, itching, burning, pain during sexual intercourse - in the first week of use.


Preparation supporting the regeneration process of the vaginal mucosa in the states of atrophy and dystrophy. It supports the healing of wounds after childbirth, gynecological procedures, dystrophy caused by chemotherapy or ionizing radiation, and in the case of vaginal dryness, also caused by estrogen deficiency.

Usage method

After childbirth, after gynecological procedures, after surgery, after chemotherapy and radiotherapy - use 1 globule in the evening for 10-20 days in the case of vaginal dryness, in the pre- and menopausal period, in conditions of reduced estrogen secretion - use 1 globule in the evening for 10 days, then every 2-3. If necessary, Cicatridina globules can be used for a long time.


Hyaluronic acid sodium salt 5mg, Centella asiatica-oil extract, calendula oil extract, aloe oil extract, tea tree oil, semi-synthetic glycerides, BHT.