CAYA diaphragm


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Origin Germany
Heat sensitive No
Shipping from USA

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The Caya Contoured Diaphragm is contraception used by women, and it is hormone free and very safe to use. It is used by inserting inside the vagina just before you plan to have an intercourse, it can be washed and reused more than one time. It has to reside inside your vagina for at least 6 hours after you had intercourse.

Awesome Features of Caya Diaphragm!

The new design of this contraceptive is shaped to fit 99% of the women which is almost all females.
The membrane is made of silicone and shields the cervix completely because it is very thin.
Due to the flattened design in front reduced pressure is exerted on urethra.
This Caya Diaphragm is not a spoil sport during the intercourse.
Additional features:

No measurements are required as the Caya Diaphragm is designed to fit 99% of the women
If you have an increased risk of thrombosis this contraceptive is very helpful.
Breast feeding mothers love it!
Don't want kids go use Caya Diaphragm!
Easy to insert and no hormones and side effects.
This product does not use latex.
Use, reuse and enjoy!