Bepanthen baby Extra cream 30g


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Data sheet

Brand Bayer
Origin Poland
Heat sensitive No
Shipping from USA
Expiration date 6.2019

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Bepanthen Baby Extra Protective Ointment provides additional protection for the baby's skin against the three main causes of redness of the ass. Easy to spread. It creates a transparent waterproof layer that protects the skin from the urine, allowing it to breathe at the same time. It has proven activity to weaken the action of irritating fecal enzymes. It has a specially developed composition to protect your baby's bottom against redness and irritation and keep it healthy when it needs it most.

It contains natural oils (eg olive oil) that ensure the maintenance of an optimal level of hydration. Vitamin B3 stimulates the production of lipids constituting the skin barrier. Provitamin B5 supports the process of skin self-regeneration.

Indications: for daily care of the diaper area; from the first days of the child's life.

Directions for use: to obtain the best results, apply a thin layer of Bepanthen Baby Extra Protective Ointment to the cleaned and dried skin of the infant's baby after each change of the diaper.

Active ingredients: natural oils (eg olive oil), vitamin B3, pro-vitamin B5.