Bad Heilbrunner Kidney tea

Bad Heilbrunner Kidney tea


Birch leaves Horsetail herb
2 cups 3 times a day
Preparation: 15 minutes
Without added flavors
For children aged 12 and over

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Data sheet

Brand Bad Heilbrunner
Origin Germany
Heat sensitive No
Shipping from USA
Expiration date 6.2021

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How important some things are can often only be felt when the usual things are no longer working. Urinary problems, such as pain when urinating, are a tiresome example. Waiting then is of no use, maybe drinking tea: With natural herbs, you can support dehydration for bacterial and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract or tiny kidney stones, the so-called kidney semolina.
The active ingredients of our bladder and kidney tea have been popular helpers for such complaints for centuries. Horsetail herb and birch leaves have a urine-promoting effect. Fresh and hot peppermint, licorice and haricot beans round off our aroma tea in terms of taste and content - and make it a pleasant and antispasmodic companion in an unpleasant situation.

If in doubt and in severe pain, you should definitely consult a doctor before considering self-treatment.