Aptamil BoboVita milk rice porridge BANANA


Suitable from the 4th month


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Brand Milupa
Origin Poland
Heat sensitive No
Shipping from USA
Expiration date 10.2023

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Rice and milk porridge with BoboVita banana was prepared on the basis of modified milk and rice flour. It has been enriched with vitamins and minerals. It is suitable for children after 4 months of age, as part of a diet based on human milk or modified milk. It is perfect for a baby's first meals to learn new flavors. It can also be given to older children who must follow a gluten-free diet due to a gluten allergy. It has a delicious, delicate banana flavor.

BoboVita Milk and rice porridge with banana - ingredients
The porridge is easy to prepare. Just add lukewarm, boiled water and mix thoroughly to create a gluten-free, milk-grain meal with the right texture, perfectly balanced in terms of nutrients and adapted to the age requirements of the little one. Each serving provides the child with essential vitamins and minerals, such as: vitamin A *, C, D *, E, B6, biotin, thiamin *, iodine, iron and calcium *. Free from dyes *, preservatives * and flavor enhancers *. The composition also does not use palm oil.

Vitamin C, D * and iron support the proper functioning of the immune system.
Vitamin D * and calcium * help maintain healthy bones.
Biotin contributes to proper energy metabolism.
Thiamin * (vitamin B1) supports the proper functioning of the nervous system and, like biotin, contributes to proper energy metabolism.
Iodine supports the maintenance of normal cognitive functions.
*according to the law


Supplementing and diversifying the diet of infants after 4 months of age, based on human or modified milk.
The product is also suitable for older children on a gluten-free diet.
Usage method

When preparing the porridge, wash your hands thoroughly and make sure that the dishes you will use are clean.
Boil 160 ml of water and let it cool down to about 40 ° C.
Add approximately 5 tablespoons (40 g) of porridge slowly in and mix well until a smooth consistency is achieved.
Wait a moment for the porridge to thicken. Don't cook.
Before serving, check the temperature of the porridge.
Discard the uneaten portion of the porridge - the porridge cannot be served again.
Be sure to follow the instructions for proper preparation.

Rice flour 43.9%, modified milk 43.6% (skimmed milk powder, demineralized whey powder (from milk), vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed, sunflower, coconut), vitamins and minerals (C, E, A, biotin, thiamine, B6, D, calcium, iron, iodine), maltodextrin), sugar, 4.5% banana flakes, 0.5% banana powder (maltodextrin, dried banana, natural banana flavor).

100 g of porridge contains:

energy value 1813 kJ / 430 kcal,
fat 9.8 g (including saturated acids 2.4 g), carbohydrates 72 g (including sugars 30 g), fiber 1.4 g, protein 13 g, salt *** 0.25 g,
vitamin A 419 μg (105%) **, vitamin D 7.4 μg (74%) **, vitamin E 7.6 mg, vitamin C 43 mg (172%) **, thiamine 1.1 mg (220%) ) **, vitamin B6 0.63 mg (90%) *, biotin 21 μg,
sodium 99.5 mg, calcium 454 mg (114%) **, iron 7.1 mg (118%) **, iodine 84 μg (120%) **.

A portion (40 g of powder + 160 ml of water) contains:

energy value 725 kJ / 172 kcal,
fat 3.9 g (including saturated acids 0.9 g), carbohydrates 29 g (including sugars 12 g), fiber 0.5 g, protein 5.1 g, salt *** 0.10 g,
vitamin A 168 μg (42%) **, vitamin D 3.0 μg (30%) **, vitamin E 3.1 mg, vitamin C 17 mg (68%) **, thiamine 0.46 mg (92%) ) **, vitamin B6 0.25 mg (36%) **, biotin 8.3 μg,
sodium 39.8 mg, calcium 181 mg (45%) **, iron 2.8 mg (47%) **, iodine 33 μg (47%) **.
** RWS - Reference Value of Consumption

*** the salt content is only due to the natural sodium content


Allergy to any of the ingredients of the product.

Important tips

Milk and rice porridge BoboVita banana is a product intended to supplement the diet, the basis of which is human milk or modified milk. Breastfeeding is the most appropriate way of feeding babies.
A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for a child's health. When composing a menu, follow the rules of nutrition and doctor's recommendations.
Pay attention to the hygiene of your baby's first teeth, especially before going to bed.
Store in a tightly closed container in a dry place at room temperature.
Use the contents of the bag within 3-4 weeks of the first opening.