Aptamil BoboVita milk porridge: 3 Fruits


Suitable after the 6th month


No GMO (genetically modified ingredients)

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Data sheet

Brand Milupa
Origin Poland
Heat sensitive No
Shipping from USA
Expiration date 4.2023

More info

BoboVita semolina milk semolina 3 fruits is a product for babies and toddlers over 6 months of age.
It has been carefully composed to contain what is good for your child:
modified milk - appropriate for the child's age,
cereals - semolina - an important component of a balanced menu,
fruit - delicious taste of bananas, apples and pears.
Porridge is a source of key vitamins and minerals:
vitamin B1 (thiamine) * for normal energy metabolism and the nervous system,
iron and vitamin C for the immune system,
calcium and vitamin D * for normal bone development.
No preservatives*.
Without dyes and flavor enhancers *.
No GMO (genetically modified ingredients)

Step 1: prepare 150 ml of modified milk in accordance with the recipe on the packaging, cool to a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. 

Step 2: slowly pour 22 g of porridge into the milk (approx. 54 tablespoons). 

Step 3: mix until a homogeneous consistency; wait for a while until the porridge thickens. 

Step 4: Check the temperature; Give the ready porridge to your child or let them try eating yourself with a spoon.