-in USA-TASSIMO German Jacobs RISTRETTO coffee pads-16-

-in USA-TASSIMO German Jacobs RISTRETTO coffee pads-16-

Tassimo Jacobs Ristretto

Includes 16 pods

Original Jacobs coffee

Made in Germany



The strong Italian classics. Tassimo Jacobs Espresso Ristretto fits in your coffee break. The strong yet balanced espresso over shows your palate with rich flavor and creamy texture. 
By the way: The suffix "ristretto" (Italian "strong" for) is a concentrated espresso with less amount of water. 
The content of this T DISCs corresponds to the preparation for classic small espresso cups (50 ml). On the intensity scale of this Tassimo variety is ranked at 6 of 7 coffee beans. 
The coffee used this way, is certified Rainforest Alliance. The label identifies products from farming operations that meet the strict standards of the Rainforest Alliance. The purpose coffee beans used are made ​​from 100% certified coffee plantations. By purchasing this product, you will actively support the environment and promote sustainability-oriented production.

Exp. 10.2016

$ 12.99