Odol-Med 3 Whitening mouthwash-500ml

Odol-Med 3 Whitening mouthwash-500ml
Deep hygiene for gums, teeth and tongue. 
Bad breath and gum problems frequently occur together. The cause may lie in the mouth. For here, many bacteria bearings, which are not removed during normal brushing. 
Odol med3 Extreme for an extra cleanliness, protection and freshness is the perfect addition to your daily oral hygiene. Because the antibacterial formula combats bacteria on the tongue, as well as where the toothbrush is difficult to reach. 
Due to the special formula provides Odol med3 Whitening hygiene for the entire oral cavity: 
1 Prevents inflammations of the gums and periodontal disease. 
2 Combats caries causing bacteria and hardens the teeth by fluoride. 
3 Reduces 99% of odor-causing bacteria on the tongue. * 
4 Helps to whiten teeth
Does the oral flora in balance and ensures a clean, fresh breath. 
With long-term effect. Without alcohol. 
* Laboratory study with tongue bacteria.

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