-in USA-HiPP Organic Fruit TEA for babies 4 months and UP-

-in USA-HiPP Organic Fruit TEA for babies 4 months and UP-
HiPP Organic Fruit-Tea: 
HiPP Organic Fruit tea is a mild, savory baby tea. It consists of organic apples, organic rose hips, fine organic carrot and organic raspberries that are particularly strict controls on pollutants. 
The composition of our fruit teas is especially facilities for babies and can be given to toddler age. 
HiPP Organic fruit tea is very mild, contains no added sugar and is therefore ideally suited for the Beikostalter. 
no added sugar 
gluten free 
without the addition of dairy products 
without the addition of flavorings substances 
without preservatives * 
without the addition of dyes * 
strictly controlled pollutant 
in the practical infusion bag 
no metal clip on the bag 
aroma sealed each bag 
* legally banned in baby food 
HiPP organic quality 
All the ingredients for our organic teas in tea bags are produced, processed and inspected in accordance with the strict guidelines of the EU Organic Regulation. This means stringent pollution control and eg no use of synthetic chemical spraying and fertilizers.

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