-in USA-Florena NIGHT Face Cream-Organic Olive Oil-50ml

-in USA-Florena NIGHT Face Cream-Organic Olive Oil-50ml
intensive care for dry skin 
with Organic Olive Oil 
without mineral oils and silicones 
Through intensive research Florena uses the power of nature to use them specifically for effective care. For centuries, the olive oil was known as a unique beauty product, since it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and can therefore be optimally absorbed by the skin. 
Olive oil from organic cultivation 
no artificial colorings, mineral oils, silicones 
Dermatologically approved 
with virgin olive oil from organic farming intensively nourishes the skin and improves its moisture content 
protects the skin from drying out and smoothes 
supports the natural regeneration processes of the skin 
Feel the results: 
A smooth and soft feeling in the morning.

$ 12.99