Parodontax gum disease mouthwash

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Parodontax mouthwash: 
Parodontax mouthwash bends in conjunction with 2-times daily brushing gums and periodontal disease.
active protection for the gums 
with an antibacterial ingredient 
with fluoride to protect against tooth decay 
without alcohol 
without dyes 
fought more plaque than brushing alone 
Gum disease is caused by plaque bacteria that are deposited at the gum line and can lead to inflammation. For the prevention of gum problems plaque deposits must therefore be thoroughly removed in the daily oral hygiene. 
Parodontax mouthwash therefor recommended by the dentist antibacterial agent in a suitable concentration for the daily care and fights in conjunction with 2-times daily brushing more plaque than brushing alone. 
Parodontax mouthwash makes an important contribution to daily prevention of bleeding gums and periodontal disease.
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