HiPP 4 / 2+ Organic Growing up milk

Brand: HiPP
Origin: Germany
Heat sensitive: No
Shipping from: USA
Expiration date: 8.2019

Country as labeled: Germany

Package contents: 600g

Age range: Suitable for kids 2 years of age and older



HIPP baby milk Combiotik 4 ( former 2+)
Young children are not little adults - that is especially true for nutrition. Depending on the age of the child changes, the need for nutrients. 
The fat content in breast milk is very high, because in the first months of life the baby needs many calories to grow quickly. During infancy, the demand for energy, to win the children of fat decreases. However, for healthy growth they need a lot of calcium and other vitamins and minerals. Recent nutritional studies show that in particular the supply of vitamin D, iron, and iodine is often not ensured over the normal diet of infants. 
HiPP baby milk Combiotik  is adapted to the needs of young children in protein and fat content and contains important growth blocks that your child needs now. 
Iron: promotes blood formation and mental development 
Vitamin C: Important for the immune system and to support the iron absorption 
Iodine: Important for thyroid 
For strong bones during the growth phase: 
Calcium helps build healthy bones 
Vitamin D. particularly important for bone health, as vitamin D helps the calcium in your bones.


  1. Boil fresh water and let it cool to about 104-122° F (40-50° C).
  2. Put 2/3 of the prepared water into a bottle.
  3. Fill loosely the measuring spoon and remove the rest of powder. Put the recommended amount of powder into the bottle.
  4. Close the bottle and shake it very well.
  5. Add the remaining water, shake it again very well several times.
  6. Let it cool to drinking temperature (about 98.6° F). Check the temperature.