Dr.Beckmann Fingerprints spray

Brand: Delta Pronatura
Origin: Germany
Heat sensitive: No
Shipping from: USA
Expiration date: N/A


Made in Germany

The special spray of Dr. Beckmann is easy to use and at the same time economical (sufficient for at least 30 square meters). It cleans and protects all stainless steel surfaces quickly and effectively and forms a uniform, transparent protective film, which has a dirt repellent, prevents grease stains and fingerprints, as well as a fine, streak-free shine leaves. The spray is particularly well suited for matt, brushed stainless steel, but is also suitable for aluminum surfaces.


-removes grease, water and dirt stains
-Anti-fingerprint effect and protect against recontamination
-leaves a streak-free and lasting shine
-particularly productive and gentle
-without silicone or abrasives
-with fresh lemon scent