Delia Cosmetics Eyebrow Tint Henna 4.0 Brown

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Brand: Delia
Origin: Poland
Heat sensitive: No
Shipping from: USA
Expiration date: 1.2020

A proven method for coloring eyebrows for years. Natural brown color, perfectly matches brown and red hair. A classic and economical procedure to be carried out at home. The ideal method for women of all ages. Replaces the daily use of the eyebrow pencil. Perfect for refilling small defects in the eyebrows. Color saturation depends on the time of dyeing. Made according to the instructions on the packaging, the treatment gives the eyebrows a dream shape and emphasizes the eye frame. The durability of the color up to 14 days makes you forget about eyebrow care every day, and you do not need to take extra cosmetics for your vacation. A product safe for the skin, dermatologically tested.

Usage: just mix the contents of two sachets - powder with colorant and activator, and apply a delicate emulsion with a stick or brush to the eyebrows, giving them the desired shape. After cleansing henna it is recommended to model the eyebrows with a penette in a fashionable or favorite way.

2g + 2ml

Capacity of this product depends on how each person uses it.