Biorepair Full Protection with MicroRepair


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Data sheet

Brand Dr.Kurt Wollf
Origin Italy
Heat sensitive No
Shipping from USA
Expiration date N/A

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BIOREPAIR Full Protection contains 33% of bioactive molecules MicroRepair. MicroRepair is the active ingredient of products BIOREPAIR. Is made up of enamel-like crystals of hydroxyapatite are capable of binding to the enamel and the dentin, making it possible to restore the natural protection of teeth. Hydroxyapatite is a main component of tooth enamel constituting 90% and 70% dentine. It provides natural protection against tooth plaque, stone, caries and dentin hypersensitivity.

What do crystals MicroRepair:

Repair tooth enamel
Cover exposed dentin
Reduce dentin hypersensitivity
Antibacterial and anti-caries