Abtei Valerian + Hop Dragees 80ct.

Abtei Valerian + Hop Dragees 80ct.


Gluten free
Gelatin free
Lactose free
Suitable for vegans

80 pills

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Origin Germany
Heat sensitive No
Shipping from USA
Expiration date 3.2023

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Inner restlessness, nervousness, poor concentration or the feeling of exhaustion can be the result of nervous tension such as stress, lack of time, conflicts or pressure to succeed. Abbey Valerian + Hop Dragees for calming combine the proven medicinal plants valerian root and hops for inner peace and serenity and thus promote sleep.

Abtei Valerian + Hop Dragees for Calming - For Day and Night:

Calms the nerves
Has a relaxing effect and supports falling asleep
Naturally effective
Promotes inner peace and serenity
For a healthy and restful sleep
Without getting used to
Herbal medicine
Gluten free
Gelatin free
Lactose free
Suitable for vegans

45 mg hop cones dry extract (5.5-6.5: 1); Extracting agent: water
187 mg valerian root dry extract (5.3-6.6: 1); Extraction agent: methanol 45% (m / m)
Auxiliary materials
Calcium (palmitate, stearate)
Croscarmellose sodium
Montan glycol wax
Clay, whiter
Silica, finely divided
Cellulose powder
Butyl methacrylate copolymer, basic
Titanium dioxide
Arabic gum, spray dried
Calcium carbonate