-in USA- HiPP Organic Apple Biscuits for kids -

-in USA- HiPP Organic Apple Biscuits for kids -

Children's joy of crunching! Designed specifically for small hands!
Hipp apple cookies are made of the highest quality ingredients. Made with strictly controlled BIO cereals without added sugar. The carefully developed formula perfectly suited as a small snack between meals and travel.
Fruit-shaped cookies with funny elephant Hippolit are particularly liked by the children, because they give great joy of crunching.
Hipp apple cookies are shaped perfectly suited to the child's small hands. This allows your child quickly learn to hold the cookies by themselves.

All the ingredients used in the manufacture of BIO Apple Hipp Cookies come from organic farms - corn and apples are grown in an entirely natural way, without the use of agricultural chemicals.

- Organic whole grain cereals
- No added sugar
- No aromas
- In accordance with the legal provisions ,they do not contain added preservatives or dyes
- In accordance with the law they contain vitamin B1
- No genetically modified ingredients ****


Made in Germany

Exp: March 31 2015

$ 4.50